Lifton Community Centre

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In 1994 Lifton Parish Appraisal identified a need for a Community Centre and fund raising began. Patsy Bragg, in the post office organised fund raising events involving many people in the village.

A Board of Trustees was formed in 1995 and charitable status was granted in November of that year. The Trustees initially looked into refurbishing the Church Hall. They found they could only obtain grants if they owned the land or had a long term lease on the ground. In addition VAT would be payable on a building project, whereas a ‘greenfield’ site would allow the project to be zero rated. It would be 17 ½% more at that time, if we rebuilt the church hall and also there were problems with the available space for car parking. Subsequently, in 1998, in liaison with West Devon Borough Council, we found the site which we now own. In the section 106 agreement between Midas and West Devon Borough Council, the land was to have been sold to us before the first house on Ash Vale was occupied. Regrettably, Midas did not honour the agreement it had made and West Devon Borough Council was not prepared to enforce the agreement. Consequently, we did not obtain the land until 2006. At this time the number of trustees increased to 7. Also, due to this delay, the grant monies promised to us had been awarded to other groups that could proceed more quickly.

By 2008 total funds raised were £20,000. In 2009 we appointed an architect, Steve Whettem, from Tavistock. Surveys were then carried out and we were awarded a five yearly silver bond place for the London marathon.

Three plans were presented to the public for them to choose their preferred option and to add comments. This resulted in the final plan. Planning permission was granted in 2012 and we obtained ownership of the bank in 2014.

In 2011 we became an incorporated company, 07637299 and changed our name from Lifton Social and Community Centre to Lifton Community Centre Limited. Our charity number also changed to 1146871. During this year the number of trustees increased to 8.

In 2013 we started holding car boot sales on the site and also applied for the first phase of the Big Lottery. We heard in 2014 that we were successful and applied for the second phase. Later that year we were successful once again and applied for the third and final phase. This was completed in January 2015 and we will hear the result later this year. To enable us to complete the final application the Big Lottery gave us a grant of £20,000 towards professional services. Thanks to Many Kenyon for all her hard work in completing applications for funds.

On the advice of the Big Lottery we are going to build in two phases and install a lift between the upper and lower floors. Due to this we have had to reapply for planning permission which has been granted. West Devon Borough Council has also pledged £20,000 when we start building.

Fund raising has been a priority throughout and Team Lifton was formed in 2010. Initially it raised funds for the Community Centre by holding events such as, fetes, poetry readings, late breakfasts, coffee mornings and a choir recital. Members of the Community Centre also raised funds by running marathons, a choir recital, a fun walk, car boot sales, charity boxes in local businesses and donations from Ambrosia, Waitrose and individuals.