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DCC: COVID case numbers changing in Exeter, local COVID alert levels introduced and support for active travel measures (16.10.2020)
West Devon Council News (16.10.2020)

Test and Trace Support Grant (15.10.2020)

Devon is at ‘medium’ alert level. What does that mean? (14.10.2020)

Recycle Devon - Textiles campaign, buy less, wear more (14.10.2020)

DCC: Protect your child from flu, it's National Adoption Week, and Fostering Devon celebrates Sons and Daughters Month (12.10.2020)

South Hams District and West Devon Borough Councils Remove the RingGo App Fee (12.10.2020)

WDBC: Are you Winter Ready? (09.10.2020)

DCC: We're not near local lockdown yet, in the know about the numbers and our urgent economic recovery plan unveiled (09.10.2020)

Opening of Leisure Facilities in South Hams and West Devon (02.10.2020)

DCC: More testing, additional measures for students and an invitation to breathe easier this winter (02.10.2020)

West Devon Climate Change and Biodiversity Newsletter - October 2020 Edition (01.10.2020)

West Devon Council News (25.09.2020)

A rise in cases, new restrictions and a plea to 'Do it for Devon' (25.09.2020)

Get creative and help ‘Spread Some Sunshine’ across South Hams and West Devon (25.09.2020)

South Hams and West Devon Business Updates (23.09.2020)

Public Urged to be Vigilant for Bogus Green Waste Collectors (22.09.2020)

Council Celebrates National Recycle Week by Thanking Residents (22.09.2020)

DCC: Testing numbers rise in Devon, businesses urged to prepare for NHS COVID-19 app and schools advice for parents and carers (18.09.2020)

DCC: Latest business advice regarding food allergens and Covid-19 (18.09.2020)

West Devon Council News (18.09.2020)

WDBC Business Update (18.09.2020)

Devon County Council - You can adopt! (16.09.2020)

Press Release - Fusion - Swim School set to reopen and swimming prices reduced (15.09.2020)
Super Recycler Trial to Continue (15.09.2020)
An appeal to reach our younger residents, access to testing in Devon and our Social Care Re-ablement team go the extra mile (11.09.2020)
Recycle Devon is encouraging everyone to make a pledge and 'wear what you have' (09.09.2020)
Council Calls for Residents’ Thoughts on Tavistock Conservation Area (08.09.2020)
DCC: Recycle Devon, "buy less, wear more" campaign launches (07.09.2020)

 DCC: More Devon libraries are open, plasma donor research underway, school and college travel reminders (04/09/2020)

South West councils make urgent call for leisure centres funding (03.09.2020)
Eviction Ban - Are you affected and can we help? (02/09/2020)

Temporary Traffic Notice - North Road, Lifton (TTRO2036754) - 10th September 2020 (01/09/2020)

DCC: Essential tree safety work on the North Devon Link Road (28.08.2020)

DCC & Devon Highways: Ash Dieback - August 20 (27.08.2020)

Council Encourage Residents to Lobby Government (26.08.2020)

Transport and the return to school - Flyer for students, parents & carers (27.08.2020)

DCC: Back to school special edition - everything you need to know for September (26.08.2020)

Honour your COVID Hero (25.08.2020)

Temporary Traffic Notice - Road from Liftondown Cross to Melcroft Cottage, Lifton: 7th to 11th September 2020 (25.08.2020)

Solar Panel group-buying scheme will save you money and help save the planet (25.08.2020)

A Helping Hand for Cold Homes (21.08.2020)

DCC: Advice for car sharing, more income and business support and sign up for vaccine trials (20.08.2020)

Have Your Say on Licensing (21.08.2020)

Abbey Car Park – What Do You Think? (20.08.2020)

Leisure Facilities In South Hams and West Devon (18.08.2020)

New Proud to Care Devon campaign launches (13.08.2020)

DCC: Easy access to data, farmers' dairy fund application, remember to Shop Local, and health impacts study launched (13.08.2020)

Council’s £90,000 package of support for High Streets (11.08.2020)

Hot weather warning, please give me space badges and plans for schools reopening (07.08.2020)

Climate Change and Biodiversity Newsletter - West Devon (04.08.2020)

Don’t Lose Your Chance to Vote in 2021 (03.08.2020)

West Devon Council News (31.07.2020)

Devon ranks among the lowest for COVID-19 cases, our heath visitors lead the way nationally and support as shielding pauses (30.07.2020)

Borough Council Steps in to Support Leisure Services (30.07.2020)

Warning to West Devon Tree Owners (28.07.2020)

DCC: New powers to help us respond quicker, care homes open for visitors and advice on face coverings (24.07.2020)

Devon County Council - Latest bulletin inc. 30hrs funded childcare (23.07.2020)
Team Devon's first meeting, more libraries reopening and all you need to know about face coverings (17.07.2020)

West Devon Council News (17.07.2020)

Latest business and economy news from Devon County Council (14.07.2020)

Local Bus Timetable for West Devon - latest version (13.07.2020)

Healthy Start Programme - Free food and vitamin vouchers (13.07.2020)

West Devon Council News (10.07.2020)

South Hams and West Devon Councils Business Update (10.07.2020)

Devon County Council - We're prepared for local outbreaks, enjoy summer safely and find out what support is available (09.07.2020)

WDBC - Post Covid-19 reminder to residents to report environmental crimes, such as fly tipping, littering etc. using this link (07.07.2020) 
Last Chance for Discretionary Business Grants (06.07.2020)

Devon County Council - Please stay safe this weekend, economic recovery plan unveiled and guidance produced for visitors to the South West (03.07.2020)

Borough Council Steps In to Support Foodbank (03.07.2020)

West Devon Council News - 03.07.2020

South Hams and West Devon Councils - Business Update (03.07.2020)

Mobile Library Timetable- including Lifton on Week 2 (03.07.2020)

Devon County Council - How will we manage coronavirus outbreaks in Devon? (01.07.2020)

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